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RBD Ventures – Video Testimonials

Hit play on the video below and scroll through the video testimonials. After watching the videos scroll down the page and read the written testimonials directly below the video.

RBD Ventures – Written Testimonials

This is Sean Edgar. I wanted to tell you that you guys did an amazing job this weekend and put on a great event. If I didn’t know you guys at all I would have thought that RBD had conducted many seminars/workshops before. It was definitely well worth the time and money. Once again, thank you for your help and for putting on such a great workshop!!! I look forward to doing a lot of business with RBD in the near future. Sean Edgar, Real Estate Investor

I really enjoyed attending the workshop and got a lot out of it. Your team did a great job on this especially considering this was your first one. Chris Canaday, Real Estate Developer

I am so glad I got to meet Dustin at FB Bootcamp. As I mentioned I had already found your website and was interested in what you are doing. Having the opportunity to meet Roger and Brian last Thursday at the Financial Info group is certainly an added bonus. I feel very fortunate that I was the group – nothing like being “special”. I also was able to meet a lot of the people on Saturday at the Subgroup in Mira Mesa. The more I’m “forced” to talk to people the better my elevator speech will get. Diane Whorton Real Estate Investor

Wanted to say thanks for the sub group today. I thought you both did a good job, very personal with the group, provided good info, gave great recognition to those you work with / team. I can say it was well work the time today and the house on Pasadena is going to be fantastic! Great project and a great find. It always so cool taking places just like that and turning them back into a diamond. Bill Parker

I am new to real estate investing. i attended your Saturday 07-16-11 rehab meeting and i had to say i had a great time meeting Roger and Brian and the rest of your team and investors, great information and great place to network, thank you for inviting me and I hope you can invite me again. Best of luck. Carlos Herrera

I think your co is doing a fantastic service for many communities in San Diego. What a wonderful way to improve neighborhood values, going in to older neighborhoods and doing such beautiful renovations. Bravo! I wish your business all the success you deserve! Sincerely, Laura M Gulij, Broker

Most importantly, we also sincerely appreciated your openness and generosity of sharing your knowledge with us. The terrible economic crises we are in have left many people in difficult financial situations. By sharing of your knowledge it give all who attended the opportunity to learn how build some financial security for themselves and their families. In the process it also creates great affordable housing, improves neighborhoods, and make SD just that much better as a place to live. Jim Stanko, Private Money Lender

I heard about RBD Ventures through Brian and I decided to come to their rehab sub-group to learn more about real estate investing. I learned more today than I tried to learn myself in a year. Great networking and I would recommend anyone interested in real estate investing to attend the RBD rehab sub-group. RBD is an incredible team and they inspire me to get more involved in what they do. I definitely will do business with RBD in the future. - Vitou Reat

I have found RBD to be a company that is willing to help you in your investing business. They share information with you, when other investors normally do not. They are very honest and fair. - Gary Bradberg, Real Estate Investor

I had just moved to California from the East Coast.  I read their ad, I met them, and they where three young people that seemed trustworthy and honest to me at the first meeting.  I trusted them, I bought a property from them, they even helped me in renovations and I just sold it happily.  Not only do I trust Roger, Brian and Dustin NOW after knowing them, I recommend dealing with them. They are credible and very honest based on my experience.                                        -Mahmoud Sabouri Yazdi, Investor

I think you guys do a phenomenal job.  It”s been a powerful chance to build a relationship and I look forward to making more profit together.  – Ty Smith, Real Estate Investor

I asked RBD Ventures to find me a house nobody else would want and they found it.  I appreciate them finding the exact project I was looking for. They”ve been a great help and we are doing some new ventures down the line; one that closes tomorrow.  - Doug Wilder, Investor

I just want to thank you for the opportunity to do business with you. I really appreciate your honesty and am happy that we have been able to close all of our deals successfully! It is always a pleasure working with you and I hope to continue to close many more deals with you. You are at the top of my list of investors that I trust and will continue to send you notice of all my new listings that come in so you may have an opportunity to purchase them if you so choose!! Also, I would like to add —your rehabbed properties are TOP OF THE LINE and I will send my buyers to view your  properties once they are on the market!!! Thanks again, your realtor for LIFE. - Susan Colberg, Realtor, Quality First Real Estate

“Brian, Roger, and Dustin have been awesome to work with. These guys follow through with their word, and after doing one transaction together, we’re continuing to work and do more business together.“
-Robb Bailey,