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Real Estate Private Lending Workshop

Over the last year and a half our company has bought renovated and resold over 40 properties in San Diego County and currently we are buying at least 1 per week. We’re able to do this by working with private money lenders. During that time we’ve come to realize that many people don’t get involved in private lending simply because they do not understand how it works. They stick to the all too often volatile stock market which caries tremendous risk or even worse in some cases they don’t put their money to work at all due to fear and indecision. Whatever the case, they miss out on a potential opportunity of earning 12-15% returns on their money investing in real estate.

To help unlock this mystery for people we’ve set up a series of private lending workshops where we show people how to lend to real estate investors, how to secure their loan, what documentation to look for and how deals are analyzed so that the returns are achieved.

If you would like more information or are interested in attending a workshop please call: 619-800-5005

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