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Live Rehab Training Module 2 Update. Did you miss out on RBD’s real estate investing live rehab training last weekend? Watch below and see what you missed.

We had a great turn out at our live rehab training on Saturday, March 21st. A group of investors came out and learned how to estimate repairs for a rehab project specifically to the interior of a home. The attendees were new and experienced real estate investors who came to learn how to successfully renovate a home. As we all know making mistakes when renovating a home can be costly and that estimating the repairs can be challenging. That is why RBD Ventures Inc. supports live training events like this with an outcome of your lives becoming easier when it comes to your real estate investing home renovation business. If you scroll down, you will find videos from the live rehab training! So turn up your volume and watch. There are 3 more modules left in this cycle of trainings. It’s not too late to sign up and attend the rest. Our next live rehab training is on April 21st. For information and registration contact Dustin

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