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Did you miss RBD’s real estate investing rehab sub-group last weekend? Watch the videos below and see what you missed!

We had an amazing turn out at our April rehab sub-group on Saturday, April 14th. Novice and experienced real estate investors came out to RBD Ventures’ free event to learn more about how RBD finds, finances and renovates a fix and flip project. RBD also explained how the marketing and selling of the home works after it has been renovated. RBD Ventures Inc. knows how stressful it can be to renovate a home, which is why they support free live training events like this. Also, for more in depth and detailed instruction, RBD will be offering a rehab training event this Saturday! It will cost you, but so will making mistakes during the rehab process which is what the training this weekend is all about. If you scroll down, you will find videos from our free live rehab sub-group. Turn up that volume and enjoy them! For more information about RBD’s training this weekend click here.

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