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Top 5 Free Online Tools For Your Real Estate Investing Business

By RBD Ventures, Inc.

We know from experience that in this business before your first few deals, operating capital is basically restricted to the change you can find in your sofa. We found the following free online tools to not only be cost effective but extremely powerful tools to help you launch and maintain your real estate investing business.

Relenta: This is an all-in-one email CRM and emailing list management program. When you have a wholesale deal under contract you need to let your cash buyers know about it. If you are going to email to a large list of contacts with an email client like Gmail or Yahoo the chances of your email making it past the intended recipients’ spam guard diminishes. A program like Relenta increases your chances of successful email delivery. allows up to 100 contacts for free.

Dropbox: Just this tool alone helped us propel our business because of its efficiency. Dropbox is a cloud service that allows you to access your files from any computer or mobile device. It also allows you to share files and folders with others in real time and functions like a shared server does. You can get 2GB’s of storage for free at Google also just rolled out its own cloud service called Google Drive and it offers 5 GB’s of storage for free.

Redfin: Every investor needs to determine what a property will be worth once it’s been renovated and ready to sell. In order to determine the ARV (after repair value) you are going to need to produce a comparable market analysis. If you don’t have a realtor who can provide this data for you, you are going to need to do it on your own. Redfin compiles active, pending and sales data all over the US and makes it available to you through their website.

Google Calendar: Not only is Google calendar mobile, which allows you to access it on any computer, it syncs with your smart phone and iPad. Just as important, it allows multiple people to share calendars with each other. This is important for partner communication and keeping up with each other’s activities in your real estate investing business.

Google Docs: There really is no better way to keep track of the specific details of each of your deals then by using a good old fashion spreadsheet. We’ve tried a number of deal management software programs to track our deals and each time we came back to using a spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel in conjunction with a cloud program like Dropbox is ideal but if you can’t afford Excel then the Google Docs spread sheet is your next best bet.

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